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Flutamide (Generic Eulexin)

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Prostate adenoma - a benign tumor of the prostate gland. In the genesis of prostatic adenoma important prostatitis, as well as venous stasis in the pelvis. The disease is characterized for men older than 40 years.

The reasons for the appearance of adenomas are:

- The aging male body,

- Hormonal changes,

- Poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs and the prostate.


- Frequent urination;

- Pain in the beginning and the end of urination;

- Inability to hold urine for a long time for the appearance of impulse;

- The inability to completely empty the bladder leads to a constant leakage, incontinence;

- Sexual disorders affecting erection and ejaculation.

Complications of prostate adenoma are:

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- Acute urinary retention;
- Chronic cystitis and pyelonephritis;
- Hematuria (blood in urine);

-Formation of bladder stones;

- Chronic renal failure;

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Traditional treatments to date are classified as medical and surgical. But each of them has its positive and negative sides.

The sooner treatment is started - the more likely a positive outcome without surgery adenomas

- The effective treatment and will

- Possibility of preservation of sexual activity.

The impact of electromagnetic fields of mobile phones on sexual and reproductive functions are
The article analyzes the mechanisms of influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) of mobile phones in different states (waiting, dial-up - with the compound, speaking), the reproductive and sexual function of men. Us-established that the greatest influence on the organs of the reproductive system has a metal-propagating electromagnetic field at the time of dialing. Influence of mobile phones while waiting and call requires a long-term independent studies. Suggestions for reducing EMF phones at the moment dozvona.Shirokoe proliferation of cellular communication in the modern world has to pay close attention to the impact of physical and psychological driv-ers of mobile phones on human health [1-4]. The number of and funding for programs that explore different aspects of the effects of cellular phones, show the high importance of this issue for the populations of developed countries (the EU - 2002-2005 g in the Fifth Framework Research Programme, € 5 million, Germany - 2002-2005. 8 5 million euros, the Federal Service for radiation-onnoy Protection (BfS); United Kingdom - 2002-2005 7.4 million pounds, Ministry of Health, UK, South Korea, 2001-2006, 8 million dollars. the United States, Ministry of Communications) .

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However, these studies advan-societal issues relating to the influence of EMF are activated mobile-request or by renewing (Talk) at the tissue close to the source of radiation, ie, head and neck. In addition, the alarming fact that nearly all studies, though mostly conducted by medical or social service-mi, funded wholly or in part by corporations provider that casts doubt on the conclusions of the full security of modern mo-tive phones while they regulate the use (no more than 20 minutes a day). Nevertheless, almost unexplored is the question of influence of mobile phones in the standby mode, in which the apparatus of a large number of time is in direct contact with human skin. Most modern men is mobile phones on the belt in front of the surface of the abdominal wall, as in this situation it is convenient to take when they call, in addition it does not interfere with sitting, Driving, etc. This problem does not cause as much interest as the impact of the activated phone on the brain, because small, comparable to the surrounding area of the electromagnetic (TVs, office equipment, transport) rates the energy flux density (PES). However, it should take into account the that a similar effect occurs on the apparatus for most part, the day, for many years, with close proximity to the phone to the op-Ghanam reproductive system.

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The greatest influence of EMF are mobile-request or by renewing at the time of dial-up, that is, when you search cell phone in the space stations, when the phone emits a strengthened response sig-nal for the localization of the mobile device within range of the substation. In-what it should be noted that in contrast to the effects of mobile phone in talk mode, where the predominant role played by the frequency ve meeting of United Nations (450,800,900,1800 MHz) and PES (characterized by a standard television fonnogo operator) when considering the biological impact of those -request or by renewing a standby main importance of internal circuits are EMI-telephony, which depends primarily on the brand apparatus. And although the results of 3-6 month studies have shown no direct effect of EMF on sexual-ing and fertile function human research in this area nor shall HN terminated, despite the powerful lobby corporations cellular the governmental, legal and medical circles in different countries . Also wanted to point out an indirect effect devices mo-bile communication on sexual function, as related to the impact on the regulatory pol-system (hypothalamic-pituitary, endocrine, autonomic) and psychological impact of these devices. Many mobile phone users has increased alertness to electromagnetic radiation, and this is justified, because organism itself can not define it (or the smell or the sound, not visual), and the presence of EMF and there is its interaction with the organism.

User alert, awaiting the ill-effects on health and, above all, expect functional disorders, which will not fail to affect, especially in such vysokochuvstvi-tive area, as sexuality. During the "dial" and when talking on a cell phone user brain undergoes a local electromagnetic irradiation cheniyu with intensity approaching established at the present time, name the permissible levels. To date, conducted in many countries around the world for more than 20 studies, investigations on volunteers - Cell phone users with the objective to ascertain the extent of influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the body. When short-term exposure for 10 - 30 minutes daily for several days there was some reaction on the part of the brain and the whole organism. However, these reactions come in 1 - 2 hours after irradiation to register is no longer possible (YG Grigoriev, S. Lukyanov, OA Grigor''ev et al, 1997). Necessary, meanwhile noted that all of these studies were short. Beginning in the late 70-ies, in various countries were carried out study is to identify possible adverse effects of EMF Soto of new phones based on users'' complaints, ie used a subjective criterion HYDRATED health users.

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There is evidence to suggest that prolonged cell phone use can cause neurological disorders and, above all, such as weakening of memory, poor sleep, headaches, fatigue, are elevated anxiety, which can not affect sexual activity. On the basis of the Department of Urology and Andrology, Kharkov State Medical University conducted the first survey of users mo-tive phones. Found a moderate decrease in sexual activity in people using cell phones more than 4 years old and mostly no-syaschih his belt. However, the group surveyed, with the experience, Paul-tion of MT more than 4 years, 1.5 times more likely also notes hypertonic-sion, and neurological complaints, which also allows us to treat moderate-ing decrease in sexual activity as a consequence of increased neuro-psychological stress, accompanying user activity of MT. So in 1998 - 2001 GG has published several papers on the results of studies of the users among the inhabitants of Sweden and Norway (Mild, 1998; Sandstrim, 2001). There has been a 6379 survey of users of phones GSM, 5613 human-century - NMT phone users in Sweden and 2500 users of Norway (in the same ratio standards).

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The subjects complained of neurological nature: dizziness, headache, memory decline, difficulty in concentration and, finally, to reduce "sexual active capacity." But equally interesting are the results of the experiment by Italian scientists, who for the time taken away from people for a long time mobile phones have their machines, and found the reduction of sexual activity among the subjects that most of them associated with anxiety about their favorite "toy", lack of emergency communication, certain "isolation" from the outside world (Comba, P.; M. Grandolfo; S. Lagorio; A. Polichetti; P. Vecchia:. Rapporti ISTISAN 95/29 (in Italian) 1998). Based on the above can make the following conclusions-ing: 1. The direct effect of EMF cell phone talk time and standby on the sexual system, both women and men do not have proved, however, needs further long-term research-tions. 2. To avoid possible negative effects of EMF of mobile phones at the time of dial-up should preferably be ap-Paraty away from the reproductive system: a purse, sous-lobe, a portfolio, the thoracic cord. If you want to wear the device on his belt to wear it on its side to the wing under-vzdoshnoy bone screened genitals from the electromagnetic effects of the first apparatus. 3.

There is an indirect effect on sexual activity together real-world factors: the nerves of the IT system under the influence of long-term use of cellular communication, a sense of subjective re-evaluation of the risk of EMF and accu-Finally, the great emotional stress, which usually is accompanied by the activities of users . The above facts make it again closely contact the prob-lems of influence of cellular phones on the sexual and reproductive function. We believe this issue is very important, because even at this moment of mobile phone users is 68% of adults in developed countries, and by 2008 this figure will approach 100% in developed countries and 60% - in developing countries. Do not cook if we imagine a trap - after all clinical symptoms of reproductive spheres can occur many years later, when the restore sexual function will not succeed. This is, without-conditional impact on demographic indicators, as for most modern Europeans typical start a family in the 27-35 years, with respectively 10-15 years carrying a mobile phone on your belt. It follows therefore not required for long-term multicenter studies, isolated from the influence of corporations bathrooms provider.