Look Inside Book

Look Inside Book

This book of charts is designed to illustrate the location of acupressure points and teach how to use these points, along with energy, in the process of healing. The purpose of this book is to teach a wonderful way to help yourself and others achieve vibrant health.

6.Negative thought patterns create sadness, anger, depression, addictive energy, and disease. Addictive energy is the energy of the temporal world. Addictive fault-finding energy makes others the source of our unhappiness.

3.Give thanks for the trials of your life. We see, learn, and grow through contrast. See your test or trial as perfect for you. The scriptures have taught these principles throughout time.

4.When we delight in the test that has been given us this day, our energy is raised to a health frequency, even to a level where we can receive revelations for our problems. Often as we praise for our problems and those of our loved ones, the powers of heaven are unleashed to bless us. “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalms 37:4.

5.One of the most important steps to happiness is when we ask God, “How may I serve Thee?” When we serve the Universe, the Universe will give us back the energy of service. When we serve God, He serves or blesses us because He loves us unconditionally.

7.This spiritual path is peaceful and creates happiness and health. When we focus spiritually, the healing energy of our hands increases. This energy comes to you as a gift to serve God and others. Spiritual energy frequencies heal. Use this wonderful gift and the charts of this book for the benefit of others and yourself.

•To simplify the balance of all meridians of the body with yin and yang energy and to enhance the ion transport energy of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate); the chi or meridian energy of the central and autonomic nervous systems

•To place and balance enough oils to perform all 14 stewardships of the essential oils in one easy-to-use bottle

What do essential oils do? They assist the body in its natural healing process by an increase of energy or frequency enhancement.

There are over 80 different essential oils. It would not be easy to carry all of them around for use in healing, and the cost would be staggering. Some of the individual oils are valued at over $450.00 an ounce; single oils have many properties of incredible value. The blending of these powerful oils provides the healing frequencies for opening meridians.

Is it possible to capture the benefits of many essential oils blended in one bottle? Yes! Meridian Oil is a delightfully powerful blend of pure essential oils plus Jasmine that work together as one.

How do we use Meridian Oil? Follow the instructions on the charts. The process of using this oil is as simple as one, two… Place a drop or two of oil on the areas or points shown on the chart, press or rub for a few minutes and you are done.

The oil works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The charts will help you help yourself.

2.While you rub the oil with your fingertips, give your fingertips permission to send energy into those points or meridians. You may do this for yourself or others. Without sending the energy into these meridians or acupoints, you are simply doing a rubbing exercise and there is little benefit. Energy happens by intent and increases by the use of the name of deity.

7.Remember to use at least two fingers to stimulate any one point. Why? Because every other finger is positive or negative. Positive energy brings hypo energy up and hypo energy brings hyper energy into balance. You are looking for balance.

8.When the pain of any one point goes away, that part of the meridian is open once more to a healthy energy flow. Any meridian point that is no longer in pain will not only benefit that particular meridian but also benefit the entire body.

2.Then inside the cells, the nutrition is converted to ATP (or fuel) to be shuttled as electrical ion energy. The cells produce both energy and cellular waste (pollution). When cells die, more toxins are created. If your body cannot get rid of these toxins, your immune system fails and you are subject to sickness, disease, and sometimes death.

3.The need for cleaning up the environment or pollution of the space between the cells is critical. Low energy can be a sign of a sluggish lymphatic system, which is not carrying out its responsibility to clean up the space between the cells. When this space is clean, nutrition - including oxygen can get to the cells for the production of energy. Energy equals health.

​4.The heart is the pump for the blood. The lungs pump the lymphatic fluid. Lymph vessels reach in between the cells of the body and vacuum out toxins with every deep breath you take. Toxins are pulled into the lymph nodes. There, 99% of those toxins, including the cancer food and fermented glucose are purified. Additionally, dead cellular waste is recycled into elements for the building of new cells.