Revlon Eyeshadow – Application Tips and Tricks

Revlon Eyeshadow – Application Tips and Tricks

Revlon Eyeshadow adds colour to your eyes and is a great way to enhance their natural shape of your shape. After all, Revlon has a long history of bringing out the best in you. Eyeshadow is available in many different shades and there are what seems like an infinite number of brands on the market. Purchasing the right eyeshadow palette to bring out your best can be a confusing and frustrating exercise. So, let''s explore some Basic Makeup tips from Revlon for choosing and using the best Eyeshadow.

When you''re starting out purchase an eyeshadow palette that gives you a lot of different shades and colours. Before applying try this basic fool proof technique: avoid using one solid colour. Instead blend shades from 3 colours. Begin by using the lightest shade just under your brow. This will highlight your next step of applying a medium shade to your eyelids, finally apply the darkest shade to your eyelid crease. This simple and basic makeup technique will add depth to your eyes will highlight their natural beauty.

A quick tip - trick for making it all a little easier is to lightly apply some face powder to your eyelids before you begin. Just use a makeup puff or brush to dust a little powder on before you apply the eye shadow. The powder will give you a base and will absorb any extra oil from the eyeshadow creating a smooth working surface. You will end up with a smoother look and your eyeshadow will blend more easily.

A good eyeshadow palette will give you a number of shades to work with. Most women like to to have: (1) a selection of neutral colours like: brown, charcoal, smoky gray and beige, to start with (2) brighter colours like green, blue and mauve, and (3) lighter shades for highlighting. A palette with these basic shades will allow you to combine in a multitude of ways to create basic day time looks and more intense looks for night time.

Another thing which can confuse some women is what ''form'' of eyeshadow is best. Revlon cream eyeshadows in matte shades are considered to be one of the easiest to apply. This is a great place to start for the young lady who is a novice in the whole makeup arena. Powder eyeshadows are applied with an eyeshadow brush or applicator. Women with a little more experience and especially those who have been taught how to properly use makeup tools like MAC Brushes love to have a selection of powders in their basic makeup arsenal. Other types of eyeshadow you will find are: Bare mineral eyeshadow and crayon or sponge-tip wand eyeshadows.

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