The InMotion Patient Process

The InMotion Patient Process

At Costa Rica Health Travel we have designed each program to be as quick, efficient and thorough as possible during the discovery process. We understand that as a patient you are looking for the most competent board-certified physician who provides treatment at an accredited facility and at the best price. That is what Medical Tourism is all about, so you came to the right place.

In order to design your specific program, we will need your medical records, MRI’s and other relevant information that allow doctors to understand your exact needs and general condition. Once this information is processed, you will receive your Medical Tourism Program, which contains your all-inclusive solution with the total cost of your procedure as well as the total cost of your travel package.

What makes up a Medical Tourism Program?

Each program we design contains the following information:

  • Doctor credentials
  • Accredited facility information
  • Pricing information
  • Expected stay in the country
  • Facility where you will recover
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Additional services you will receive

How far ahead do you need to book your medical tourism program?

Our InMotion Program has immediate availability for most procedures. This program features three of the most competent Orthopedic specialists in Costa Rica, so any of the three can work with our patients in their specific cases.

Can a conference call with the doctor be scheduled before booking?

In most cases yes. Sometimes it might take a couple of weeks or so before we can match our patient’s schedule with the doctor’s schedule, but usually everyone is very accomodating. If this turns out to be a problem, we can always provide alternate ways such as email communication or Skype calls.

How often do we see extra charges at the Hospital after surgery?

Very seldom. If the discovery process is done correctly and the patient provides all requested information, the doctor will be able to plan your treatment in detail, meaning that there are not going to be any surprises once the surgery takes place. Extra charges cannot always be foreseen, especially when a complication arises and the patient stays more than planned in the OR, but in our experience these cases are very rare and usually the patient will be advised before entering surgery that this might be a possibility. Transparency is key during the entire process.

Is complication insurance mandatory for all patients?

Yes it is. A $100,000 complication policy will cost around $900, and it covers up to 10% of the total policy for complications, 10% for additional travel expenses and 100% in case of death. These policies help our patients feel safe and protected in case something happens during treatment. Although complications in general are very rare, peace of mind is king. The policy is not sold by Costa Rica Health Travel but we can certainly recommend one or two reputable and well-know providers. Most policies require that the patient pays all expenses out-of-pocket and then process their claim for reimbursement. We cannot say how good the process is because we have not yet had a complication that requires the use of the complications insurance policy.

How does post-op care work?

Depending on the type of procedure, the patient might have to stay one or more nights at the hospital, or the procedure could be an outpatient service. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, a case manager from Costa Rica Health Travel will transfer the patient to the recovery facility where the initial part of recovery starts. Here the patient will be under the care of a registered nurse and the recovery staff. Throughout the stay, the patient will be transferred back and forth from the physical therapy sessions as well as the post-op appointments with the doctor. The rest of the time, the patient must rest, relax and enjoy a few days of downtime at our beautiful recovery facility.

What type of follow up will the patient receive upon returning home?

By keeping in touch with the case manager, the patient will have access to the doctor to ask him questions about recovery and keep him in the loop on the his or her general condition. This is a great feature because the patient will not be left alone after they return home. Our goal is to leave all communication lines open so that our support is felt even back home.

If you would like to learn more about our process or to schedule a no-obligation conference call, please CONTACT US.